Month: July 2018


Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit Warm-up 3 min DU dynamic… Mobility foam roll Weightlifting paused bench press (5-5-5-5 across) 2 second pause set every 2 minutes try to do at least the same or 5 lb more than last time or 60% of 1rm bench Metcon Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds for reps) Three rounds …
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Grand Trunk CrossFit – Barbell Club Warm-up Weightlifting Drop Snatch (5-5-5-5-5) increase wt as per comfort, just drop under the bar and receive Weightlifting Low Hang Snatch from the floor, then 1 inch from the ground with 2 second pause3@60% 3@65% 3@70% 3@70% 2@75% Weightlifting Quad Squat (3-3-3-3) increase wt if it feels good


Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit Warm-up Metcon Metcon (Time) AMRAP 24 with a partner 72 dead lifts 135/95 48 box jump overs 24 thrusters 3 sled pulls 105/70


Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit Warm-up 3 minutes bike/row/ski dynamic… Mobility box hip stretch box shoulder stretch Weightlifting Front Squat (heavy 5 rep) 12 minutes to work up to a heavy 5 rep -get at least 5 working sets Metcon Metcon (Time) 3 rounds 10 DB power snatches, left arm 10 DB single-arm overhead squats, …
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CrossFit Doesn’t Get Easier

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Most things in life get easier the more you practice, like playing the guitar or learning how to golf. Not CrossFit. In fact, the goal of enrolling in a CrossFit program is to continuously get pushed to your limit so that the workouts don’t get easier. We are sure most of you, …
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