Month: January 2019


Grand Trunk CrossFit – Barbell Club Warm-up tempo strict press (8-8-8) 3 up/2 down increase weight if possible Weightlifting Weightlifting below the knee power clean load up to just above the knee 3@60% 3@65% 3@70% 3@75% 3@75% 3@75% Weightlifting 1.5 Back Squat Full squat come up to parallel drop down and up all the way …
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Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit Warm-up 3 minute cardio 3 rounds 10 BB HPC 10 BB push press 10 CS snow angels Mobility quad smash/ foam roll Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) AMRAP 3 5 clean and jerks 155/110 5 bar facing burpees rest 2 minutes AMRAP 3 4 clean and jerks 185/135 6 bar …
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GTCF Coach Energized by Helping Members Succeed

Ryan Chipka has a hard time standing still, both physically and geographically. Over the past handful of years, Ryan has moved from Rochester, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio; to Virginia to be with his wife, back to Toledo to coach baseball, then back to Michigan where he is currently the director of program development for the …
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Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit Warm-up 3 minutes cardio 3 rounds 5 BB thrusters 5 BB DL 10 PVC wind mills Mobility couch stretch banded shoulder Weightlifting front squat/back squat 7/13 squat cycle17-18 minutes total using 90% of your new 1 RM front squat. do 80-85% of that. if you jumped up more last week, …
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Speed Is A Skill

Depending on your sport, the importance of speed could be a defining characteristic of your success. Naturally track and cross country athletes want to run fast, but speed can help in almost all team and individual sports where strength and conditioning comes into play. Whether you’re a running back who needs to hit the gap …
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