Month: February 2019


Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit Warm-up 300m row 3 rounds 5 BB FS 5 BB HPC 5 BB FR lunge 5 V-ups Mobility banded front rack banded couch stretch calf stretch Metcon Crossfit Games Open 19.2 (Ages 16-54) (AMRAP – Reps) 8 Minute AMRAP + Bonus Time of: 25 Toes To Bar 50 Double Unders …
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Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit Warm-up 2 minutes shuttles 30 pass throughs 3 rounds 10 CS ATYT 5 BB OHS 5 Hang power snatch 5 BB SGDL Mobility pigeon stretch foam roll Weightlifting Snatch (6×3) every 2 minutes do 3 squat snatches increasing weight starting at 50% building to 75% Metcon Metcon (AMRAP – Reps) …
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Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit Warm-up 300 m Row 3 rounds 5 DL 5 good mornings 5 back rack lunges 10 V-ups Mobility banded hamstring- on back BB trap smash Weightlifting tempo bench press (5×4) every 2 minutes 3 sec up/3 sec down, working at 75-80% of your 2 RM, if you did this 2 …
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Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit Warm-up 2 minute shuttles 3 rounds 10 CS snow angels 10 BB Hang Power Cleans 10 ring rows Mobility wall hip stretch partner rig stretch Gymnastics work to your level, Ring MU, C2B pullup or pullups record your total reps 3 rounds AMRAP 2 rest 1 min Muscle-ups Chest-To-Bar Pull-ups …
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The Difference Between CrossFit and Orangetheory

Group fitness training is a highly effective way to train. Two popular methods of group training are CrossFit and Orangetheory Fitness. If you have been trying to find a fitness program to help you get stronger, lose weight, or improve your health and energy you may have had some questions about the program for you. …
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