How To Get The Most Out Of Your CrossFit Membership

So, you have decided to invest some of your hard-earned money into becoming a more awesome version of yourself, and you went out and joined a local CrossFit box. (We won’t be offended if it wasn’t Grand Trunk CrossFit.)

Congratulations. They say the first step is the hardest, and signing on a dotted line to commit for at least a month is a step in the right direction. But we don’t want your membership to gather dust. In order to get the most out of it, you need to go in knowing exactly how you can be sure you are spending your money wisely.

CrossFit is not easy. We’ve mentioned that before. But after a few months, should you decide to stick to it, you’ll be happy you put some of your paycheck toward a unique brand of fitness that is designed to make you tight in all of the right places.

Focus On Your Form

If you are new to CrossFit, don’t try to do too much right away. The weight will come. It’s more important to ensure you are using the right form for the lifts so you don’t injure yourself, as that would not be a great way to break into CrossFit.

Before each weightlifting session, the coach will explain how to do the movement, going into detail on which part of your body should be helping with the lift. Pay attention and don’t be afraid to go easy on the weight. Nobody is judging you.

Lean On Your Coach 

Not only are the coaches there to explain the WOD, but they are there to make sure your form is proper (see above) and answer any questions you might have about the workout of the day.

Our CrossFit coaches have all been certified at Level One (at least) so they are skilled in the art of making sure each athlete is doing the movements the right way. If you are unsure of how to do something, or want to be sure you understand the movement, do not hesitate to ask a coach. They are there for a reason, so use them.

Be Consistent

CrossFit is more expensive than those other gyms that advertise for $9.99/month. Therefore, you will be more inclined to go to the box more often in order to feel like you are getting your money’s worth. This is a good thing. We want you to spend that money on becoming more fit. Whether you go three times a week or five, try to do your best to carve out a regular schedule.

After all, CrossFit is the best hour you are going to spend all day, so you might as well

Rock Your Swag

Most boxes sell merchandise adorned with their logo for their athletes to buy and proudly wear in the community. We suggest buying a t-shirt, at least to start. Yes, it will cost extra in addition to your monthly fee, but what better way to prove to everyone that, yes, you are a CrossFitter than by rocking a t-shirt?

Plus, most of the t-shirts are designed to perform well during a workout, so it’s one more shirt you’ll have to sweat through.

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Member Spotlight: Dan & Maria Varitek

Each month, we will profile a Grand Trunk CrossFit member who has seen incredible results since joining our “box”.

It is our hope, that by showing you what can be accomplished through regular workouts and a commitment to fitness, you will be encouraged to take the leap and come in for a workout.

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on the husband & wife duo, Dan & Maria Varitek. They have been members since 2017.

When did you join Grand Trunk, and why?

Dan: June of 2017. Simple, my wife nagged me to do it and said I’d like it. She was right (as usual).

Maria: I was working on a trauma surgical ICU in downtown Detroit and I would leave work feeling physically exhausted. I was totally out of shape and taking care of incapacitated patients was becoming more difficult. I also worked on a unit where patients would become physically aggressive and I knew if I didn’t get stronger I would get hurt.

What do you enjoy most about GTCF and CrossFit?

Dan: I like the family mentality. Everyone is supportive and do what they can’t to help you improve. Plus there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

Maria: Couldn’t come across a better group of people. The members and coaches are all super helpful. Another perk, I don’t have to plan my own workout.

What is your favorite movement?

Dan: I love me some wall balls.

Maria: Overhead squat. Sorry, guys. J

What is a CrossFit goal you have achieved that you are most proud of?

Dan: Nothing specific. I just like to see that I have made progress and continue to have improvements in everything we do. It makes me feel good to see my progress in every WOD.

Maria: I have two things: pull-ups and rope climbs. I was NEVER able to do a pull-up or rope climb as a kid and now I can!

What is a current goal you are working on and hope to accomplish?

Dan: Increasing my aerobic endurance.

Maria: I have many, but probably chest-to-bar.

What advice would you give a new member or someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?

Dan: Don’t think. Just do it. I guarantee you will have a positive experience.

Maria: Yes, it’s hard, but it’s hard for everyone in the box. Don’t be afraid. No one is judging you because we are all pushing our bodies as hard as we can (and trying not to die during the workout.) We have no time to stop and critique you.

How has CrossFit impacted your life outside of the gym?

Dan: Besides being sore all of the time? I feel really good. I had back problems in the past and have not had any issues since starting.

Maria: I have more energy for my kids and everyday life. I don’t leave work feeling like I got hit by a bus.

What is a fun fact that people might not know about you?

Dan: I am one of five Dan Variteks…all related.

Maria: Dan answered this for me: “You have fingerlike toes.” I love him, guys. He is so romantic.

If you could create your own WOD, what would it be?

Dan: Something fun…shoulder-to-overhead, wall balls, bike, walking lunges, and something nasty, like burpees.

Maria: Nothing timed. Lots of variety in the movements and low rep counts. (Pull-ups, farm carry, box jumps, etc.)

Fill in the blank: I CrossFIt (because/so I can): 

Dan: Eat tacos, pizza and drink beer. But on a serious note, so I can be a healthier husband and father to my family.

Maria: When I started CrossFit I loved it, but always said, “I will never do…pull-ups, rope climb, double-unders, etc.” I have proved myself wrong time and time again. Even when I am being my own worst enemy, I have made progress and done things I never thought I could!

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