Don’t Be Intimidated by CrossFit

Everybody who does CrossFit on a regular basis remembers his or her first trip to the box.

They walked in and took stock of the situation, assumed they were out of their league, then forced their feet to stay rooted to the floor so they didn’t run out of the gym screaming.

It got easier over time but the first few trips were, no doubt, humbling experiences.

Getting through the front door took a monumental effort that seems silly when you look back on it, but it took real intestinal fortitude to stick to a workout routine that was so different than anything you had done up until that point.

But you did it.

CrossFit is no longer something that intimidates you; it’s a part of your life.

You understand the health benefits of CrossFit and know it’s better for you than if you stayed home and watched Netflix all night.

But there are still others who hear about CrossFit and either roll their eyes or cower in fear.

To them, rigs and kettlebells and squats are terrifying, not to mention the CrossFit myths that run amok.

Let’s face it: it’s a lot easier to stick to your tired, comfortable gym routine than it is to jump outside of your comfort zone. But we know that once you’ve decided to give CrossFit a try, you’ll be hooked on the results it produces.

Take it from one of our members: in order to get results, you have to put aside the notion that CrossFit is too intimidating.

An easy way to allay your fears is to schedule a free intro session so you can learn first-hand from one of our coaches what you can expect.

They will walk you through a typical workout and answer any questions you might have. We are confident you’ll gain a better understanding and get over the intimidation.

Since our pricing plans are monthly, we suggest giving it 30 days to see if we change your mind.

If we don’t, we believe you will, at the very least, feel better about yourself than you did the moment you walked into the box.

Nobody ever improved by sticking to routine.

Get outside of that comfort zone and destroy the intimidation associated with CrossFit.

We think you’ll be happy you did.

Five CrossFit Movements to Know

We talk a lot on the blog about why you should try CrossFit.

But we don’t spend a lot of blog space talking about the various types of movements you can expect to learn when you start.

That’s on us.

So in the spirit of helping you be as prepared as you can possibly be before you step foot in a box, here are five CrossFit movements, with video, that you can study to prepare yourself for your first WOD.

Air Squat

This is the move from which all other types of squat will emanate. Whether it’s the back squat, overhead squat, or front squat, this is going to feel very familiar once you’ve been to a few classes. Take some time to practice the air squat to get the movement down pat.


This is a full body movement that forces the athlete to use every limb to complete the movement. It’s not difficult (and it’s never used with weights) but there are certain variations you’ll practice over time. Get used to this one because it pops up a lot.

Kettlebell Swing

Like the name suggests, this movement is done by swinging a kettlebell between the legs and then up above the head. The only variant is American or Russian, which is used to describe how far up you bring the kettlebell. It’s a rare week when our coaches don’t program this into a WOD.

Box Jump 

This is exactly what it says: you jump on a box.

The typical movement suggests men jump up 24’’ while women jump 20’’, but it, like every movement, can be modified to meet the needs of the athlete.

A few other exercises will be mixed in with box jumps (like the aforementioned burpees) on occasion, but we usually stick to just jumping. It works the leg muscles and gets the heart pumping.

Wall Ball

Another staple of CrossFit is the wall ball. Like it’s cousin the box jump, this movement is simple: you throw a ball against a wall. It also forces you to squat down and use your legs to help propel the ball to the required height.

Since it’s fairly straightforward, it’s not uncommon to do 10 or 15 a a time during a WOD.

Do you want to get in the gym and try these out?

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