Excited to announce our CrossFit Teens class! The first 6 teens to sign up get in for $89/month for the first 2 months. ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!
-M/W/F 3:45-4:30
-starts middle of June
-$89/month for first 6 teens for 1st 2 months

Let Diana or me know if you’re interested.

Grand Trunk CrossFit – CrossFit


row or bike 3 minutes



couch stretch

banded shoulder


Back Squat (4×6 climbing)

14 minutes

this is a back off week…

4×6 working in the range of 50-75%.

4 working sets.

*next Monday will be a 1 Rep back squat


Metcon (Time)

4 rope climbs

16 thrusters 120/85

3 rope climbs

12 thrusters

2 rope climbs

8 thrusters
This couplet is a sprint. Choose a load and modification that would allow you to complete each set of reps unbroken if fresh.

1 rope climb=8 ring rows+8 pushups

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