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4 minutes DU practice

3 rounds

10 CS WY’s

10 mountain climbers

10 ring rows

10 DB push press


foam roll lats, quads, BB smash traps

bench or box shouder stretch


Metcon (Time)

4 rounds

600/500m Bike

2 rope climbs

600/500m Bike

12 DB snatches 50/35
20 MTC

spend some time to review and practice the rope climb.

if modifying (1 rope climb= 6 ring row+6 push-ups)

think through manageable sets. In a four round metcon, pushing the limits early in these movements is a very risky move. We’ve all hit rope climb failure, and minutes can slip by here. Knowing that we can keep our transitions short between breaks, let’s break before we need to in these movements.


3 rounds (9 minutes total)

Min 1: strict T2B (modification: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyaH-9CnVoI&feature=youtu.be)

Min 2: HS hold- get out away from the wall if possible

Min 3: banded good morning (soft knee bend)

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