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3 rounds

:30 lunges

:30 slow BB OHS

:30 pushups

:30 BB hang power snatch


pigeon stretch

couch stretch

banded shoulder -straight arm


front squat/back squat

7/13 squat cycle
Alternating On the Minute x 12 (6 Rounds):

MIN 1: 2 Front Squat

MIN 2: 4 Back Squats

work at 65-70% of your 1 RM back squat


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

21 Bar-Facing Burpees

21 Power Snatches (115/85)

15 Bar-Facing Burpees

15 Overhead Squat (115/85)

9 Bar-Facing Burpees

9 Squat Snatches (115/85)
-Cycle quick singles or very manageable sets on the snatches

-Shoot for 1-2 sets on the OHS (15 or 8-7) scale weight as necessary

-Push the pace on the burpees knowing you’ll be doing singles or small sets on the BB

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