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20/16 Cal Bike

20 push-ups

20 sit-ups


banded straight arm

pigeon stretch


The Bob (Time)

79 push jerks 135/93

*every time you drop the bar do:

8 C2B Pull-ups

9 box jumps 24/20
any other position than the front rack and Pressed OH position and you’re doing C2B and box jumps,

do a weight that you could 20 UB reps with when fresh

warm up as a group w/ 5 paused dip strict press and then 5 2 sec pause on the dip and 2 sec pause in the receiving position

then 5 pull-ups and 5 box jumps

repeat with less reps until class is ready to go…


Bench Press (5×2 across)

take 4-5 minutes to get to 90-93% then

every 1:40 do 2 reps

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