I first started training at the age of 12 with an old weight set in my Grandma’s
basement. Through high school I played on various sports teams and learned a wide variance of training styles. In 2005 I started a 4 year career in semi-pro football, which taught me a new level of training and intensity. After retiring, I struggled to find a regiment that was similar to how I trained for football and nothing could fit the bill until I was introduced to CrossFit. I instantly fell in love with CrossFit because of its incredible adaptability and community. I had always dreamt of becoming a trainer but knew that I’d never be happy at a “Globo Gym”. CrossFit, and more specifically, Grand
Trunk’s community of coaches and athletes inspired me to obtain my CF-L1 and for the first time, I have a job I love.


  • CrossFit CF-L1-2016
  • USAW Weightlifting Coach-2017
  • CPR/First Aid Certified

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