CrossFit Doesn’t Get Easier

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Most things in life get easier the more you practice, like playing the guitar or learning how to golf.

Not CrossFit.

In fact, the goal of enrolling in a CrossFit program is to continuously get pushed to your limit so that the workouts don’t get easier.

We are sure most of you, at one time or another, belonged to a gym that spent a lot of money to advertise to you the affordability of their memberships. We get it: when you want to get fit, the allure of a $19/month membership can be hard to ignore. So you start out like gangbusters the first few weeks, but quickly fall into a lull that is hard to emerge from. With nobody around to push you, you are very soon paying for something you’re not using.

Not CrossFit.

Sure, it’s a bit on the expensive side, but not only are you paying to exercise, you’re paying to be coached properly and be motivated by others to push you. You’re paying to be surrounded by a supportive group of folks who want you to succeed in life and in the gym, so they yell at you to keep going when all seems lost. And when you finally do that last burpee or that last box jump during a particularly tough WOD, you feel like you can do anything.

Of course, a lot of people come to CrossFit out of shape. You will soon find out just how out-of-shape you are once you start coming to the box on a regular basis. Those first few weeks are going to take a lot out of you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself rolling out of bed in the morning because your legs are shot from the day before.

Don’t worry – your muscles eventually get used to the torment. Not because it gets easier, but because muscles naturally get used to exercise. We like to switch up the workouts every day to keep you on your toes, but the muscles appreciate getting worked hard on a daily basis.

We know it’s not easy to bring yourself to our gym on a regular basis. We get it: you’re busy and you lead a busy life. All we are asking is one hour out of your day, a few days a week. We also know we’re not going to take it easy on you, but that’s sorta the point.

Like we said above, we know you could go to one of those chain gyms and spend a few bucks to run on a treadmill for fifteen minutes, but that’s not helping you at all.

Come to our gym and give us a shot. You might hate us at first, but we promise you’ll fall in love with us eventually.

If you’re interested in giving it a shot, schedule a free, no-sweat intro today!

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