CrossFit Enables Athletes to Take the Next Step Toward Getting Fit

We would love to be able to tell you Jessica Barber’s life changed forever two years ago when she first laid eyes upon the Grand Trunk CrossFit float at the 2016 South Lyon Pumpkinfest Parade.

We would love to be able to tell you that, upon seeing our float and our marchers walking down the street, she decided right then and there that CrossFit was going to be her salvation to a better life.

But we can’t.

We can’t say that because Jessica already had a pretty good life when she attended the parade. She had been living in the area for a few years after moving downstate from northern Michigan, had a three kids with her husband of eleven years, and a good job that afforded her a lot of flexibility.

Like we said: life was good.

But Jessica always had this nagging feeling that she wasn’t as fit as she could be; that she wasn’t as fit as she wanted to be. Having kids was the greatest thing to happen to her in her life, but she wanted to get her body back on track to where it was when she played co-ed softball and did events like Bike MS to stay active.

“I was never disappointed in my physical appearance after I had kids,” said Barber. “But I had, for a long time, a general feeling of being uncomfortable with my weight, so I wanted to find something to help me battle that feeling.”

After she saw the Grand Trunk CrossFit float, and stalked the GTCF website for a few weeks, she finally got up the nerve to reach out to the owner, Brooklyn Netherton, to inquire about giving it a shot.

It helped, Jessica thinks, that she wasn’t completely unfamiliar with CrossFit. Her sister was a member of a box in northern Michigan, so she knew it was challenging and the athletes worked hard every day. But aside from those two aspects – and the fact that they did rope climbs – that was the extent of her familiarity.

“Brooklyn understood my hesitation of finding time for both my family and fitness and encouraged me to just give it a try,” said Barber. “I love that I can bring my boys with me; I get a great workout and set an example for them that fitness can be fun.”

Jessica says she still didn’t know what to expect, but nearly two years later, she loves every second she spends at Grand Trunk, even if every workout pushes her to her physical limit.

“Every WOD is different but it’s all challenging,” she adds. “And the coaches are amazing. Brooklyn and Diana are so good about pushing you to be your best self that it’s hard to leave without a smile on your face, even though they pushed you through hell.”

Since beginning her tenure at Grand Trunk CrossFit in 2016, Jessica has lost thirty pounds and has put herself in a better spot, as far as moving her body goes. Even when she can’t participate in full – like when she had to undergo physical therapy – the coaches help her to modify the WOD and then push her to, at the very least, move, which is a good reminder for anyone.

“CrossFit isn’t for everybody, but everybody can CrossFit,” said Barber.

Truer words may never have been spoken.

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