CrossFit Gets A Bad Rap. Here’s Why.

If you want to try CrossFit, don’t venture too far into the dark recesses of Google to get your information.

What you will find is likely to scare you off from ever venturing out to a box to try a WOD for the first time.

That’s because CrossFit gets a bad rap, and we believe it’s due to a fear of the unknown.

Take people who are afraid of turbulence on an airplane, for instance. When the flight gets bumpy, these fearful flyers clutch their armrest and beads of sweat start to pop out of the pores in their skin. Any minute, they think, the plane is going to break in half and plummet to the ground.

But if they took some time to understand what turbulence is (and how non-dangerous it is) we think their fears would be allayed. A pilot trying to handle a plane flying through rough air is like handling a car when you have to drive over large bumps.

And when was the last time you saw a car break in half driving down the road? It rarely, if ever, happens.

If fearful flyers took the time to find legitimate sources to learn about flying, they would be more apt to build up their frequent flyer mileage.

It’s not that different than attempting to find legitimate information about CrossFit.

Those who don’t try it are fearful they will be injured while doing CrossFit, or they will contract a life-threatening disease because CrossFit pushed them past their limits.

But neither of these thoughts are steeped in reality.

We take the health and wellbeing of our athletes very seriously, and we know most other boxes do, too. We won’t let somebody who is out of shape attempt to bench 250 pounds on their first day, nor do we encourage them to push themselves past their physical limits.

CrossFit is a workout built for everybody, and it’s a workout that everybody can do, but only if the athlete takes the time to talk to a knowledgeable source about the pros and cons of CrossFit.

If you rely on what you come across on the web and fail to seek a second opinion, you’re only failing yourself by not allowing your body to become more awesome through a terrific workout.

Interested in seeing what CrossFit is all about? Schedule a free intro today!

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