CrossFit is a Community

Grand Trunk CrossFit is more than just a gym.

We are a community of like-minded people who challenge each other on a daily basis to become better than we were the day before, both physically and mentally.

If you were rolling your eyes while reading this, we wouldn’t blame you.

A lot of people have been programmed to take these claims with a grain of salt because most gyms just want to get you in the door and then forget about you. We wouldn’t blame you for thinking we are full of it.

But we stand by our proclamation that we are more than just a gym.

We’ve instilled a sense of community at our gym since the beginning. We are less a bunch of people who get together to do power cleans and more a family.

Just like any family, we have our moments.

We yell at each other, but it’s usually done lovingly, or with as much love as we can muster when we are pushing a fellow athlete to swing the kettlebell one more time or complete that last box jump.

We are steadfast in our belief that pushing someone to be his or her best will stand to benefit everyone, not just the person.

In our last blog post, we talked about the benefits of high-intensity exercise. When you walk out of our gym after having pushed yourself to the limit, we like to think you leave a better person.

Part of it is because your brain has been flooded with endorphins. The other part is because you just shared a communal experience with a handful of other people who went through the exact same experience.

You can relate.

You can commiserate.

Shared experiences are ones of those things in life that bring people closer together. We’re not solving world hunger or fixing the world’s problems, but we are doing our part to bring people a little bit closer through a common event, one hour at a time.

They say the family that CrossFits together, stays together.

Okay, maybe nobody has ever said that, but we like the way it sounds.

If you think CrossFit sounds like something you would like to experience, schedule a free, no-sweat intro with us today!

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