CrossFit Is Built On A Commitment To Yourself

No one ever got fit working out twice a month, which is why it’s essential to form a commitment to CrossFit if you want to get the most out of your investment.

When you sign up for a program, whether it is at our box or another, you need to be sure you are prepared to put into CrossFit what the coaches are going to expect out of you. Otherwise, you’re just throwing away a significant chunk of your paycheck to sit and watch your CrossFit membership languish away.

The most successful athletes at Grand Trunk CrossFit are the athletes who show up at least three times per week, ready to push their bodies to the limit for one hour. These athletes understand nothing is going to change if they don’t. We explain this to you not to scare you into avoiding CrossFit, but because we want you to understand what you need to put in to get something out of it.

The reason the cheaper gyms make enough money to stay afloat is because they offer a reduced rate that feels like a minor investment, so you are more apt to let them continue to take ten dollars out of your account every month because it’s just ten dollars.

But what are you gaining by sitting on your couch while a gym takes free money from you? (Nothing. Nothing is the answer.)

It’s better to spend a little bit more money to get moving, than it is to watch your bank account dwindle at a steady drip.

A lot of people in this world will pay more for a quality product. We believe CrossFit is a quality product that is worth your time and money, but only if you are ready to make the commitment.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of success stories you can read about people who took a chance on CrossFit and have seen their investment reap rewards.

Are you ready to commit to CrossFit? When you are, we will be waiting.

If you’re ready now, sign up for a free, no-sweat intro.

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