CrossFit Requires Mental Fortitude

The human brain is capable of amazing things.

It can process an image your eyes have seen for as little as 13 milliseconds – less than the time it takes you to blink – and generate enough electricity – 12-25 watts of electricity – to power a low-wattage LED light.

But it can also act as that little voice in your head that holds you back from accomplishing things, like getting through a particularly tough WOD.

One of the true challenges of CrossFit is driving to get in that extra movement, or move for 30 more seconds, before you collapse in a pool of sweat.

When our athletes are pushing through a workout, nobody is checking up on them to make sure they are doing what needs to be done; we expect that those who show up are willing to push themselves to great heights, even when it makes them uncomfortable. But, hypothetically, nobody is stopping you from cheating yourself in a workout.

That’s where you brain comes in.

Skipping through a workout without giving maximum effort is akin to procrastinating, which is something we are all guilty of. Why do ten kettlebell swings when eight will suffice? It’s easy to tell yourself you won’t do it next time around. But if you are the only person responsible for your success, it’s easy to make up an excuse not to do it.

Those who get the most out of CrossFit are the ones who push their bodies as hard as possible, even when their brain is screaming at them to slow down and take a second or two to rest. These athletes are the ones who succeed because they are willing to not take the easy way out. Rather, they push and push until the end because the benefit far outweighs the guilt that comes with stopping.

Those who have the proper mental fortitude can take success at the box and translate it to their everyday lives. It’s been said that those with the mental toughness to be resilient in the face of fear (or, in this case, 100 wall balls in five minutes) are the ones who become successful in their careers.

We are not saying CrossFit is the key to a successful life, but when you can push through a particularly challenging WOD, the project at work that’s due might finally seem doable.

After all, your brain might remind you it’s not possible, but you will know better.

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