Does Your Gym Do This?

Every Saturday in November and December of this past year, we welcomed children under the age of 12 into our box to let them WOD like their parents, albeit on a much more manageable scale.

The kids go through a workout that is unlike anything they will do at school during gym class. We’d even go so far as to say it’s a better workout than anything they will experience at a young age, and their soreness (it’s a good sore!) the next day stands as a testament to the hard work they put in.

They leave our box feeling good about themselves and, we hope, with an understanding that exercise and fitness can make you feel good about yourself.

Parents who belong to our box are also encouraged to bring their kids with them for any workout, since we have a dedicated area set up that allows the children to pass the time while their mom and dad do push through a WOD.

When we were preparing to open Grand Trunk CrossFit four years ago, we knew we were going to make it a family-friendly atmosphere. We have kids of our own and we know how difficult it was, as parents, to make time for fitness when we had to worry about where we would take our kids.

At the big box gyms we once belonged to, child care was out of the question. If we wanted to bring our kids with us, we had to keep one eye on them while we ran on the treadmill. Now, at Grand Trunk, we’re giving our members the peace of mind that comes with knowing your kids are not getting into trouble while you work out.

We know that parents cite having kids to look after as a reason they won’t work out, so we want to give them every available option to get in a good workout, since they are paying good money to belong to our gym.

It’s so important to show our kids the importance of physical activity, and a CrossFit workout is no different. While the movements can be unlike anything they’ve ever seen, the thinking is the same: moving your body is important.

As our kids grow up and decide what they want to do with their lives, it’s our hope that physical fitness will remain a key component of the life they lead. It’s something we want for our kids, and we’re passing it on to your children, should you want to take us up on it.

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