Four Tips for The New CrossFitter


If you’re reading this, we hope you have chosen the right CrossFit box and are ready to take the CrossFit plunge. 

It’s a big step! 

Before you jump in, we thought it would be helpful to cover a few things you need to know before you start CrossFit. 

If you take heed of this advice, you’ll be a few steps ahead of those who aren’t exactly sure what to expect, and being a few steps ahead is never a bad thing. 

Let’s get to it. Here are four tips if you are just starting CrossFit. 

You Will Be Uncomfortable 

The first few weeks are going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Your body is probably not used to doing burpees and wall balls. But don’t let it discourage you. Just because you had to roll out of bed for the first week doesn’t mean you won’t be ready to keep going.

You will be. 

Like anything, it takes some time to get used to CrossFit. Stick with it. 

Take Time To Recover 

Speaking of recovering, make sure you take time to recover. Rest days are important. 

If you go full bore right away, not only do you risk injuring yourself, but your body will have a hard time making an adjustment to the strenuous activity. Going too fast and too hard too soon can lead to injury. 

Focus on Technique 

The natural human inclination is to lift as much weight as possible so you can impress the other athletes at your box. 

Here’s a hint: nobody is paying attention. 

In order to increase the amount of weight you can put up, you need to first focus on the right technique. This leads to more weight, not straining yourself to put up more than anyone else. 

Poor technique leads to injury, so don’t compete against everyone, just focus on yourself. 

Listen To The Coach

There’s a reason our coaches are certified. CrossFit is something everybody can do, but all of our new athletes need pros who can walk them through the proper techniques and offer feedback. 

Over time, their guidance will help you become a better CrossFitter and improve faster than if you tried making a go of it yourself. 

Got questions? Contact us or schedule a free, no-sweat intro with us! 

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