How to CrossFit When You Can’t Make It To CrossFit

Anybody who pays to belong to a CrossFit box knows it’s a great investment, not only for the physical benefits, but because you get to become part of an awesome community that strives to help you become a more awesome version of yourself.

But we are all busy people. And, sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to get to the box as often as you’d like. Then you get upset at yourself for not carving out an hour to exercise and start to feel like you’re getting flabby.

We’ve all been there.

But fear not! When you’re not at the box, there are ways to do CrossFit at home with minimal equipment to stay in shape so your return trip isn’t as daunting as if you sat around and watched Netflix for two weeks straight.

Don’t Use Weights

There are quite a few movements that are part of our programming that do not involve weights.

Moves like walking lunges, air squats, and sit-ups can be done sans weight equipment and are just as effective as if you were using a barbell. Additionally, you can do burpees until your heart’s content on the floor in your living room. All you need is yourself. Quite a few of our WODs include burpees, so it’s practically like you’re at the box doing the workout, except nobody is cheering you on, except maybe your cat. (Or it’s just silently judging you in the corner.)

Just Run

Some people would be surprised to learn that there is a lot of running in CrossFit. When the weather is nice, we consistently program runs into the WOD to ensure our athletes are getting a daily dose of vitamin D.

Just kidding. We program running because it’s good to break up the monotony of lifting weights with movement that gets the heart pumping. Running is the last thing on your mind after five power cleans, but that’s the point, isn’t it? To push our athletes?

If you are at home, think about incorporating running into your CrossFit From Home routine. It won’t

Combine the Two

Once you’ve decided on what you want to do at home, it’s time to combine no-weight movements and running to piece together the ideal WOD to tide you over until you can get back to the box.

A couple of years ago, BarBend asked 8 CrossFit trainers to share their favorite no-weight WODs, and we think you’ll find a few here you can do at home if you have the gumption (and the time.)

Remember, CrossFit isn’t just for getting ripped. A lot of the movements we do at the gym are completed to increase cardiovascular activity and endurance. That’s why we sneak in running and no-weight movements whenever we can.

Your body is at its best when it’s constantly moving, so if you can’t get to the box, help your body continue to move by coming up with a WOD of your own in the comfort of your own home.

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