Member Spotlight: Ben Rosenberg

Each month, we will profile a Grand Trunk CrossFit member who has seen incredible results since joining our “box”.

It is our hope, that by showing you what can be accomplished through regular workouts and a commitment to fitness, you will be encouraged to take the leap and come in for a workout.

This month’s spotlight is on Ben Rosenberg, a member since 2015.

When did you join Grand Trunk, and why?

Ben: I had been running pretty regularly on my treadmill but that had become stale and I couldn’t run outside because I always had my sons with me. A member from my neighborhood joined and I decided to check out the Grand Opening event. Seeing all of the people that were about my age and in good shape made me realize how out of shape I had become.

What do you enjoy most about GTCF and CrossFit?

I like the varied movements and unpredictability. I would never do any of the exercises that I’m bad at if it was only up to me. I like the other members a lot. I haven’t been around a bunch in-shape people since high school 23 years ago so everyone’s positivity and level of effort really pushes me to give it all I have.

What is your favorite movement?

For one rep it is, without a doubt, the deadlift. Due to my uniquely compact (lol) build I’m pretty good at it. Also I generally like any of the movements that we do on the rig.

What is a CrossFit goal you have achieved that you are most proud of?

Either my 455-lb. one rep deadlift or that I can do bar muscle ups pretty regularly. I was really proud that I did 12 bar muscle ups on our 12 Days of Christmas WOD at the end of last year even thought it took a really long time for me to get through the workout.

What is a current goal you are working on and hope to accomplish?

I’m hoping to get a 475-lb. deadlift this year. My real goal that I really need to work at to become a better CrossFitter is being able to cycle movements better. I struggle with many of the movements that involve continuous motion like wall balls, double-unders, thrusters, etc.

What advice would you give a new member or someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?

Give it a try, be humble and don’t get discouraged when you aren’t good right from the start. Also use the internet as a resource and ask lots of questions.

How has CrossFit impacted your life outside of the gym?

I’ve been teaching high school social studies in Detroit and Highland Park for 14 years. CrossFit has helped with my classroom management because I am stronger, confident and assertive.

What is a fun fact that people might not know about you?

I’ve known my friend and GTCF member Dan Ungarten since 1997. We were members of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity at Eastern Michigan University together. I’m glad he is there every Saturday for me to buddy up with!

If you could create your own WOD, what would it be?

10 minute AMRAP

8 power cleans from the floor (155 lbs)

12 toes-to-bar

20 no weight lunges (for number, not distance)

Fill in the blank: I CrossFIt (because/so I can): Be healthy, compete with myself and others and have fun!

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