Member Spotlight: Casey Augsburger

Each month, we will profile a Grand Trunk CrossFit member who has seen incredible results since joining our “box”.

It is our hope, that by showing you what can be accomplished through regular workouts and a commitment to fitness, you will be encouraged to take the leap and come in for a workout.

This month’s spotlight is on Casey Augsburger, a member since January of 2017.

When did you join Grand Trunk, and why?

Casey: I joined January of 2017 after taking a year off from CrossFit. I missed it and wanted to find a gym with a great reputation and a fun, supportive atmosphere. I decided to try Grand Trunk since my brother and I remembered training with Brooklyn in the Livonia days. Best decision ever!

What do you enjoy most about GTCF and CrossFit?

I really enjoy the programming and the members. And the location. And the atmosphere. And the events. Pretty much everything!

What is your favorite movement?

The clean and jerk is my favorite lift. Second favorite is the Assault bike.

What is a CrossFit goal you have achieved that you are most proud of?

I placed 5th at the World Police and Fire Games 8/17 in Los Angeles. It took so much work and time to prepare for that competition but it was so rewarding. I would not have been able to compete without the dedication and help from the Grand Trunk coaches leading up to it.

What is a current goal you are working on and hope to accomplish?

My biggest weaknesses fall in the gymnastics category so I have been focusing on making those movements better.

What advice would you give a new member or someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?

I wish I could tell all new CrossFitters to trust the process. It’s easy to look around and be intimidated by the veterans, but you will get there, too. It’ll take time but celebrate each new accomplishment — no matter how small — and you will feel and see the results.

How has CrossFit impacted your life outside of the gym?

Strength and conditioning is a huge part of my job as a police officer and I thank CrossFit for allowing me to carry out my duty with confidence. And making sure my uniform fits (lol).

What is a fun fact that people might not know about you?

I used to figure skate competitively and tried gymnastics once when I was really young. The instructor suggested to my mom that I try a contact sport.

If you could create your own WOD, what would it be?

“Thunder Thighs”

Half-mile run

50 wall balls

Half-mile bike

50 squats

Half-mile row

50 box jumps

Fill in the blank: I CrossFIt (because/so I can): I CrossFit because there’s nothing better than finishing a really tough workout with your friends by your side and seeing what your body is capable of doing day in and day out.