Five Outdoor Exercise Spots in Southeast Michigan

Even though we’re already starting to see back to school sales pop up (didn’t school just get out!?) we still have a few months of warm weather to look forward to here in southeastern Michigan before we have to worry about cold weather coming back into our lives.

Thankfully, our wonderful state is home to a number of spots that allow you to sneak in a workout when you just want to enjoy the beautiful weather and become one with nature for a few hours.

To help you get the most out of the warm weather we have left, we’ve compiled a list of places in the area where you can go to exercise outside and soak up as much vitamin D as possible.

Kensington Metropark

One of 13 metroparks in the area, Kensington Metropark boasts a nature center, a farm, splash pad for the kids, and a disc golf course. But their 8.5 mile paved hike-bike trail is what we are looking at. The entirety of it encircles Kent Lake and provides a scenic view, whether you decide to bike or run the trail.

This year they rolled out a Get Out & Play Trail Challenge. From now until November 1, you can sign up to knock out as many miles on the trail as you think is possible and track your progress in real-time. You also get a t-shirt for signing up, but it’s really all about the miles.

Maybury State Park

Maybury State Park is tucked away in the woods in Northville, Michigan. It offers the fitness-minded a handful of outdoor options, including a hiking trail that extends for six miles and a paved bicycle path that goes for four miles. If equestrian is your idea of exercise, Maybury offers an 11-mile course for a ride.

Huron Valley Trail

The Huron Valley Trail (or “rail trail”) is a favorite of those who live in and around South Lyon. It extends along the former Grand Trunk railroad from the city of South Lyon, through Lyon Township and into Milford Township, then south on Old Plank Road to Pontiac Trail, and east on Pontiac Trail along the north side of Lyon Oaks County Park to the Wixom City boundary.

The trail runs for 12 miles and was created to eventually extend from Lake St. Clair to Jackson, Michigan, but jury’s out on whether that will ever happen. It does, however, connect with over 25 miles of paved trails in Island Lake Recreation Area and Kensington Metropark, plus additional paved trails in Wixom and South Lyon. If you’re looking for a challenging run, this is a good place to start.

Canoeing in Milford

If you prefer to get your exercise on the water, look into renting canoes in Milford. Rental spots like Village Canoe and Heavner Canoe & Kayak Rental provide quite a few different options if you want to explore canoeing. Whether you want to paddle a stretch of the Huron River or you want to spend a good part of the day canoeing to Proud Lake, this beats burpees any day of the week.

Island Lake Recreation Area

Island Lake is a favorite among some of our athletes. Located in Brighton, Michigan, Island Lake offers biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing as outdoor options. If you want to get outside and squeeze in some fitness, this hidden gem in Livingston County is a place you should consider.

So there you have it – five places in southeast Michigan where you can get outside and exercise until your heart’s content.

If we missed one of your favorite spots, let us know in the comments!

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