Seven Instagram Accounts Every CrossFitter Needs to Follow Right Now

Hands down, Instagram is the hottest social media app in the world right now. With the addition of Instagram Stories, users can document their day (like they would on Snapchat) and share artistic photos of their life to make everyone jealous.

Instagram is anywhere and everywhere, and it’s poised to take its place as one of the giants of social media.

As such, we’re seeing a lot of people make the jump to Instagram to tell their story, thanks to its intuitive interface and ease in which you can share what makes you special.

Here are seven Instagram accounts every CrossFitter needs to follow right now to get the most out of scrolling through Instagram.


The official CrossFit account is a must-follow if you are into CrossFit. Not only do they feature images of people from all walks of live who make CrossFit a priority, but they share third-party content that fits in a fit lifestyle, as well as unique WODs to help their community burn some calories.


Anne Reuss, the woman behind this Instagram account, is a badass from Chicago who shares how she fits workouts into her daily activity. Often times, you’ll find her squeezing in movement wherever she can so that she can stay in peak physical condition.

Anne is also trying out for American Ninja Warrior, so you can follow her attempt if you follow her on Instagram.


Josh Bridges is a well-known commodity in the world of CrossFit. The former Navy SEAL has more than 630,000 followers on Instagram, and those followers are treated to feats of strength no ordinary person can do. It’s enough to make you want to throw it all away and give up, until you realize that Bridges is no ordinary mortal. If anything, his Instagram is a motivational tool for the average CrossFitter.


At the age of 46, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in better shape than most of us will ever be, and he has the Instagram photos to back it up. When he’s not traversing the globe to promote his movies, he’s hitting the gym after 15 hours in an airplane to ensure his body doesn’t begin to betray him.

If you take away anything from The Rock’s Instagram, it’s a sense of motivation that we hope follows you into the gym.


Iceland native and CrossFitter extraordinaire, Sara Sigmundsdóttir, is a woman not to be taken lightly, and you’ll quickly come to realize that if you see how hard she pushes herself on a daily basis.

Sigmundsdóttir’s feed is filled with clips of her insane workouts, still shots from her competitions, and crazy travel stories.

We’re tired just from looking at her pictures.


BarBend is one of our favorite online magazines to “flip” through when it comes to fitness, and their Instagram feed doesn’t disappoint. Most of their content is made up of athletes doing various movements, but they take the time to share other content that helps you to become a better athlete.

Graphics that focus on the benefits of the deadlift, for instance, show their audience why they need to spend more time in the gym working on specific moves.


We would be remiss if we didn’t share our own channel, right? Besides our Facebook page, our Instagram account is a great place to catch what’s happening in our gym on a regular basis. Follow us to stay up-to-date!

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