Guest Post: The Simple Guide to Healthy Living on a Budget

According to a study from sports and nutrition company My Protein,  the cost of living a healthy lifestyle can cost more than college tuition. The study surveyed 1,350 U.S. adults from 18 to 65 years old and found that the average American spends $155 each month on health and fitness. That’s $112,000 over the course of a lifetime – $13,000 more than the average tuition costs for a public, four-year college education.

Good news: there are many strategies for making nutrition and fitness more affordable. Many of these strategies boil down to having a plan, doing your research, and making small lifestyle changes that can have a big impact down the line. At The Simple Dollar, they believe healthy living doesn’t have to be at odds with living within your means. Keeping a long-term view is the key to making smart financial decisions — and healthy decisions, too!

This guide from The Simple Dollar shows how prioritizing your health makes financial sense and getting fit can actually help save you money.

The Simple Guide to Healthy Living on a Budget

Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash