The Importance of CrossFit Coaches

If your entire lifetime experience with fitness involves going to a gym and being responsible for your own workout, you might be surprised to walk into our box and see a coach preparing to put you through your WOD. 

Coaches are on-hand at most CrossFit boxes to ensure the athletes are doing the movements properly and that nobody is over-exerting themselves, and that’s the case at our box, as well. 

The coaches at Grand Trunk CrossFit are properly trained to ensure each athlete has the proper form and is getting the most out of their workout. In other words, our coaches make sure you aren’t wasting an hour doing hang power cleans improperly, which would just render your time spent at the box moot. 

All of our coaches go through a rigorous training to earn their certification. When they get that certificate, they are then able to ensure athletes can use CrossFit movements to the best of their needs and begin training others to use CrossFit. 

We realize these two ideas go hand-in-hand but it’s great they have taken the time to ensure they know how to “coach up” athletes through difficult movements. 

What strikes us about our coaches, though, is that we didn’t have to ask anyone to take the certification. Each coach that is certified has gone through the training because they love what CrossFit has given to them.   

While each coach has traveled a different path, all of them have found their way to this sport that helps others become more awesome versions of them. Thus, our coaches want to pass that on to as many people as possible, and the certificates that hang on our wall proves they have put in the time. 

We know CrossFit differs from your typical mode of fitness, but it’s that personal touch provided by the coaches that, we believe, helps to put us over the top. It’s almost like having a personal trainer helping you during your workout, without paying the price of a personal trainer. 

So the next time you take part in a WOD, just know that the coaches are there not just to help you through your movements, but because they want to help you succeed. 

Interested in trying out CrossFit? Schedule a free, no-sweat intro today! 

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