What To Expect After You Start CrossFit

In a recent post, we wrote about what you could expect when you came to our box to try CrossFit for the first time.

Hopefully, you read it and we took some of the mystery out of what an hour of CrossFit actually looks like. If you’re ready to start CrossFit, we want to share with you what is going to happen to your body when you start CrossFit in earnest. We’re all about de-mystifying this sport that is laden with myths in order to help you become a more awesome you.

You Will Be Sore

The first few weeks after starting CrossFit will be unlike anything your body has ever experienced, even if you’ve been going to gyms for your whole life. There is a very real chance you will literally have to roll out of bed a few mornings, so you might want to plan ahead to ensure you don’t commit to something. The actual soreness is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which means the soreness will set in 24-48 hours after the workout.

So if the first morning after doesn’t feel too bad, buckle up for that second morning.

You Will Surprise Yourself

The second-hardest part about starting CrossFit is keeping at it when the soreness sets in and it feels like your muscles will be on fire forever. (Hint: They won’t.) So you will drag yourself to the box the next day and then two days later. After a few weeks of doing CrossFit, you’ll remark to yourself that you’re surprised you’ve stuck with it this long.

The thought of going to the gym again to put yourself through hell is not high on your list of priorities, but you know it’s good for you. You’ll surprise yourself again when you drag your butt to the box to complete another WOD.

And then you’ll keep doing it.

You Will Feel So Good

It’s amazing how your body reacts to regular fitness. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start exercising. And the more you do it, the better you will feel.

With CrossFit, you pay a significant amount of money to participate in classes, which is motivation enough for a lot of people to stay at it. With regular CrossFit WODs comes more flexibility, improved stamina, and an overall better feel about your body. And that’s not to mention the improved confidence and better brain agility.

Your sleep will benefit, as well, since regular exercise is proven to improve the quality of your sleep.

You Will Keep Going

Maybe the most surprising aspect of starting CrossFit is that you continue to come back. If you’re like a lot of people, it’s hard to drag yourself to the gym on a regular basis. CrossFit is tougher because the workouts are tougher. You know you’re going to hate it while you do it.

Yet, you still come back and push yourself.

Maybe you never viewed yourself as somebody who could stick to a rigorous exercise routine, but you are pleasantly surprised that you’re doing it.

You know there are a lot of benefits to CrossFit. The longer you continue to show up at the box, you will start to experience them for yourself.

If you’re interested in trying out CrossFit, sign up today for a free, no-sweat intro!

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