Why CrossFit Works

CrossFit is not your normal exercise.

Well, it’s normal in the sense that we use weights and do some work on the exercise bike.

But it’s not normal in the sense that, when you come to Grand Trunk for a workout, we are going to push you to the limit to ensure you get the most out of the sixty minutes you spend with us.

This is not your normal gym where you can use the stair machine and play Candy Crush on your phone at the same time.

Oh, no.

The phones get put away and we make you sweat; we make you work.

You’re going to walk out of the box after the workout and marvel at what you just put your body through. After a few weeks, if you stay committed, you’re going to marvel at the changes you start to see within your body.

Not only are you going to see some definition in places you didn’t think could be defined, but you’re going to sleep better and find that your stress levels have gone down.

But if you don’t believe us, there are a few stories we’ve followed that show off the power of CrossFit.

One of those stories is about Ivan, a 26-year old waiter and bouncer who aspires to be a police officer. Rather than going through with gastric bypass surgery, Ivan committed himself to CrossFit and lost 100 pounds in the process.


At his heaviest, Ben Gibson was 435 pounds. He knew he had to make some changes if he wanted to avoid an early grave. He started CrossFit and hasn’t looked back.


Danielle had spent her entire life overweight. But thanks to two years at CrossFit Albany, she was able to lose nearly 100 pounds, which caused her to turn her lifestyle blog into a weight loss journey blog.


All of these are inspiring stories. Hopefully they give you the motivation you need to take part in an exercise program that gets results.

If you want to get on the path to results, sign up for a free, no-sweat intro today!

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